Catching up in Phoenix Arizona with my partner of 25 years Dave Barrick. The partnership spans my entire working lifetime from the day we met when I was a few months out of law school in Kansas City Missouri to yesterday in Phoenix. Together we pioneered the expansion of gambling into riverboat jurisdictions and beyond around the the USA culminating in the acquisition of 6 hotel casinos in Downtown Las Vegas in 2004. Pictured below is the night we did the changeover of ownership at the Plaza Hotel Casino in April 2004, the day we contracted to acquire the casinos in 2002 with a check and a handshake and yesterday as we pursue a casino resort project in Mexico! There are countless road trips , negotiating sessions, dinners, breakfasts and lunches, late nite strategizing and early morning coffee sessions and walk abouts, up and downs - through it all we have remained partners, friends and family. A lifetime of memories and the beat goes on. Thank you for being a mentor and a father figure and friend. Thank you for being family! Http:// #gambling #casinos #family #mentor #teacher #partner #vegasbaby

Ben Abramowitz